Auth0 - Auth0 is the best identity provider for your website's authentication needs. I work on their world-class documentation platform.
   Horizon - Horizon Roofing has multiple internal applications and projects that I've worked on, handling server issues, migrations, web development on a Laravel platform, as well as a variety of documentation and copywriting tasks.
   Medium - Medium is the place that I do my own personal blogging, when the haphazard mood strikes.
   Twitter - My Twitter is an outlet for random thoughts and curated tech and productivity news.
   BeRemembered - BeRemembered is a bucket-list platform for people who want to get their end of life planning in order, leave messages for loved ones, and plan out some awesome bucket list items. I've helped them build, maintain, and extend this site using Drupal and Backbone.js, as well as provided copywriting and project management when needed.
   Clover Security - Clover International Security is an organized group of PC gamers who play ArmA 3, a military realism simulation. I've helped to create a home for their community, as well as assisting in writing website copy, fictional background material, and advertising copy.
   SitePoint - SitePoint is a developer blog and community. I've done a variety of work for them - I've written a lot of posts, done some video editing and technical reviews, and briefly edited a channel on their blog, managing and editing submissions from other freelance authors. I was also a volunteer moderator in their forums for years. - is a great web developer resource, I've only written one post for them, but I do plan to go back and author more!
... and more! Contact me at @jeffreylees or via email if you'd like to discuss your own project!