About Me


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I’m a writer and web developer from Cincinnati, Ohio. I’ve enjoyed working with computers since I was a teenager! After a brief stint in small business IT support, my love for technology evolved into a quest to become a full stack web developer. I learned HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP, and worked solely as an independent consultant for several years. After moving to the Cincinnati area, I worked for several years as a full time PHP developer.

I’ve also always had a passion for writing. I’ve penned fictional stories, labored over website copy for clients, carefully crafted personal blog posts, and been hired to write guest posts and articles. In 2016, I made a bit of a career pivot into a technical writing role at a fantastic startup, which combines two of my loves – web development and writing. I get to write, as well as stay immersed in the code and the product development, which is perfect for me. In 2018 I led the process of converting my team to an Agile workflow based on Scrum, and have led those efforts as a team member and a Scrum Master since then. In May 2019 I obtained my Professional Scrum Master (PSM-I) certification.

In the meantime, I still do occasional development and writing as a consultant, and I’d love to hear about your projects. Feel free to get in touch on Twitter at @jeffreylees or via email!