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Hello, I'm Jeff Smith!

what I do

My specialization

Technical Writing

I love to craft articles, guides, docs, and other pieces of content that explain difficult or complex subjects in a way that educates, but does not confuse, the audience.

Project Management

I am a professional scrum master (PSM-I). I enjoy bringing all of the pieces of projects together, organizing them, and coordinating contributions into amazing results.

Web Development

I started my tech career doing full stack PHP dev; still do some dev work from time to time. Laravel and WP are near and dear to my heart, no matter what people say :)


Recent Positions

strongDM - August 2020 to Present

First technical writer hire, working primarily on the documentation site. Tasked with overhauling existing docs as well as documenting new features as the product grows.

Built out Education department, hired technical writers and learning developers, planned documentation for new and existing features, and video learning courses and content.

Auth0 - June 2016 to August 2020

Responsible for creating, reviewing, and maintaining product documentation for a variety of product areas. Worked with engineering, marketing, product management, and others.

Led large, often cross-team content efforts, such as for vulnerability responses or new product releases; project managed the migration of 3000+ pieces of content between docs platforms.

Consulting Work


Experienced developing with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. Particularly experienced with Laravel, WordPress, Drupal. Have worked with a variety of tools, APIs, and libraries.


Have written technical guides targeted at developer or tech audiences for years, both as documentation and as freelance contributions to sites like SitePoint, Scotch, RayGun, and more.


Accomplished at project management skills, stemming both from full-time work in teams as well as from managing stakeholders, timelines, vendors, and other contributors in freelance projects.


Did volunteer moderation of the SitePoint online community for years, participating in conversations, meetings, decisions, and doing moderation work, but most of all, assisting users, especially new ones.