Hi! I'm Jeffrey L. Smith,
Technical Writer & Web Developer.
I work from Cincinnati, OH.



Jeff at the Space Needle

Hi! My name is Jeff Smith. I've loved working with computers since I was small, and my love for technology eventually evolved into a quest to become a full stack web developer. I learned HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP, and worked as a consultant for several years, after which I've held a few positions as a full time PHP developer. Recently, I've taken a bit of a career pivot into a technical writing role at a fantastic startup, which combines two of my loves -- web development and writing. I get to write, as well as code, which is perfect for me.

I also do occasional web development, consulting, writing, or editing gigs on the side. I'd love to someday have the time to get more involved with some open source projects - hit me up with ideas. Follow me on Twitter for tech related content, and look me up on Linkedin if you like. For project requests please send me an email!



Content Creation

Writing and editing content has always been a passion of mine. I enjoy writing in all forms. I regularly write content for sites during web development, and have guest posted on sites such as SitePoint or Scotch, as well as occasionally blogging on Medium. I also enjoy tinkering with some fiction writing, on my own time! Need a technical content editor or an author? Let me know!


I've been a consultant for years now. I know the ins and the outs. Are you looking to improve your website's performance? Overhaul it with a new CMS? Are you lost, and needing some project management to clean up your codebase, or help with social media strategy? I can either help you myself, or I can help you identify what you need, and get it done. I love solving problems - throw something my way!



I've worked with employers and clients in many industries, including tech startups, distributing, manufacturing, medical, health, gaming, music, security, marketing, public services, and more. My experiences as a consultant (working closely paired with marketing agencies), employed by mid-sized companies, and most recently participating with a technical startup have allowed me a broad spectrum of experiences.

Along the way I've collected a lot of knowledge. I've learned programming languages, frameworks, operating systems, database management, marketing techniques, and a whole lot more. Some of these skills I've become acquainted with enough to work on or help out with; others I feel I now truly excel at. Here are just a few of the skills that I've become familiar with - and I'd love to put them to use on your projects.

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Laravel
  • Drupal
  • Bootstrap
  • WordPress
  • Documentation
  • Editing
  • Technical Writing
  • Project Management
  • Responsive Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Server Admin



Here are just a few past projects that I'd like to share!

Mueller Distributors

Mueller Distributors | 2014 - 2017

The Mueller Distributors website was rebuilt entirely, to create a way for Mueller to showcase their services and products to customers while remaining easily maintainable.


SitePoint | 2015-2017

I've done a variety of projects with SitePoint! I am a volunteer mod on the forums, I have done freelance work for SP as an author, as a project manager, as a blog channel editor, and as part of the production team for Premium material

Area Round Table

Area Round Table | 2016

The Area Round Table in Wood County needed a website built to help give information to local area and regional businesses about business opportunities in the area, as well as about the Round Table.

CIS Gaming

CIS Gaming | 2015 - 2017

The CIS Gaming organization is a group of people who do military simulation gaming. They needed a web platform to sell their group to the outside community, and to relay news and events to members.

Horizon Roofing

Horizon Roofing | 2014 - 2017

Horizon Roofing had a pre-existing web appliation that required significant devops troubleshooting and work, followed by setup of further measures to ensure security and flexibility for scaling as they grow it in the future! I've also assisted with the planning and development of a new internal web application.

Be Remembered

Be Remembered | 2015-2016

Be Remembered is a public facing application built on a Drupal core with a Backbone.js frontend. I provided project management of the various facets of the project and full stack development.




WordPress Editor | SitePoint.com
April 2017 - August 2017
I was glad to be able to fill the WordPress channel's need for an editor for a few months! SitePoint's community has been so amazing to me, and I've always enjoyed contributing. I got to spend a couple of my evening hours evangelizing the organization and finding authors, helping to foster ideas for posts and shepherding them along to completion, supervising peer review, editing pieces, and publishing them, among other things.


Technical Writer | Auth0
June 2016 - Present
As a full time technical writer for Auth0, I've worked primarily for the documentation team. I've been responsible for creating a new version of, or maintaining and editing existing versions of, the documentation for a variety of libraries and products. I absolutely love this company and its people, and my job within it!


Programmer Analyst | Matthews International
March 2015 - June 2016
At Matthews, I was the main developer on a Drupal (PHP) and Backbone.js web application. I learned customer support skills, and worked with executives on this project. I also kept track of a production and release cycle and managed relations with vendors that worked on the project.

Freelance Content Creator | SitePoint.com, Scotch.io, others
2015 - Present
Writing is a passion for me. I love to write about a variety of topics. I began writing articles, and guest posts, and blogging around this time, and I have done so when the mood strikes ever since. It's something I absolutely love to do, when time allows, on all manner of web, tech, productivity, and other topics.


Web Developer | Mueller Distributors
August 2014 - March 2015
The Mueller website was rebuilt from scratch during my work there. It became responsive, engaging, and, most importantly, populated with up to date information. I learned the Laravel framework here, and also learned more about Microsoft networking and IIS.

Volunteer Forums Staff | SitePoint
November 2014 - Present
As a SitePoint Forums staff member, I learned to help people with web development related issues. I also found myself a growing part of the staff's community, which has been a pleasure to network with and learn from.


Web Developer | Freelance Consultant
August 2010 - Present
Since 2010, I have been doing freelance web development. It's been an exciting journey, going from barely knowing any HTML at all, to where I am now. I learned PHP in order to take a job for a client! How many late nights studying did that entail? I can't remember anymore. I'm always happy to take on projects for small businesses and organizations - let me know if you need something.



Ron Salter

President, Salter & Associates

When it comes to web development services, you look for expertise that knows what’s happening and changing. Jeff Smith is on the leading edge of this ever-growing field.

Joe Hale

Director of IT, Mueller Distributors

Our website needed rebuilt from the ground up, and Jeff did a great job of it. He is self-motivated and good at what he does, and I enjoy working with him.

Darliss Eichhorn

Office Manager, The BioMechanics Institute

As an employee Jeff was punctual and easy to work with. As a contractor, he was consistently able to deliver exactly what I needed in web sites for more than one business.

Adam Bloch

Web Developer, Horizon Roofing

Jeff assisted Horizon in dealing with some bad website intrusions and also assisted us with a web server migration, all in a timely manner. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with him on other development projects as well.



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